Thursday, January 14, 2016

A very happy ‘Makar Sakranti’ & ‘Pongal’ & ‘Uttarayan’ to all of us.

Yesterday, we all attended the interactive ‘Baatein session’ with Sukanta Majumdar, a sound designer who took us on an audio-tour to a place we have never seen before and gave us, really an ear-blowing experience. When asked about his need for visuals, he replied,“My sound recorder is my sketchbook!”

Yesterday ended with a lot of hard but smart work.
Till now, progress of our project –

Animatics – Done
Sound – Done
Animation –  Done (nearly)

What remaining is now the post production, which already has been started parallely.
Hence, today had been quite a leisurely day, where we, on track with our post-production, enjoyed the day with lots of kite-flying, yummy lunch and fantastical lanterns.

So, all’s well that end’s well!

Amruta Bakshi

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  1. A mail that I would like to share with you, from a friend from Manipur:

    Dear Tara
    Good to know you have been in touch with the Manipuri Kom tribe. There are many others like Koireng, Aimol etc. You will find students in Delhi university.

    Keep it up. Kind regards. Mohendra