Friday, January 15, 2016

After the festive mood we are back on track.
We had  movie screening at morning. Sarah Lawton, an artist and MA graduate from Manchester University also joined us during the screening. After seeing a film by Yuri Norstein, we first watched a short documentary film about the Adivasi Arts Trust animation project in Arunachal Pradesh and a preview of the new Gond film that is currently in production, as we were told that the animators for both projects - graduates from NID - would be coming to visit us in the afternoon to see our work.  After this, we watched  the documentary on the workshop that Arjun has been working on.  Tara reminded us of the importance of documenting the process, explaining that the process is as interesting as the final outcome, as it will contextualize the short film and detail all the issues we faced, both with the medium and the representation.  

At the end of the session Sarah introduced a camera obscura device to us.  It was a device that assists the artist in being able to sketch as it reflects the subject onto the paper using mirrors, so that it is then easier to draw the outline.

This is the last day of this sand animation workshop. Our animation is almost done and Shanthala is working on the final shots in which the tiger stripes transform to become the traditional Kom dress, the Ponthle, that the Kom wear for ceremonial and festive occasions to this day.   Most of our group are now busy doing post production. Some of them are working on the final sound track, and the rest of us are placing all the sequences on the final timeline. Now we can almost see our film.  We are making a presentation to our faculty today, but will continue to refine the edit and complete the last few frames of the sand animation in the coming days.

Nilava Roy

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